When you get a new camera, what settings should you use to set up your camera? This is a question I hear often. At the end of the day, it comes down to 2 questions. What do you want to with your images? Do you know how your camera works and do you have time to learn? The video below will discuss both these questions and show you the 2 setup options for your camera.

When you can work out what type of photographs you need to capture and how you want to use them. You can can set up your camera for that purpose. Most people just want to grab some family snap and post them on social media for their family and friends to see. If this is you, then the basic set up will work.   If you want to get a little more serious about your photography and capture beautiful photographs on your camera and print them. 

the advance process will offer you more opportunities in the future when post-processing your images for print.

Basic & Advance setup.

The basic set up is all about making your photography easy. You shoot the jpeg file which is easily opened on most computers. What you see on your camera is what you get to post to your social media.  The same image is easily printed at minilabs, so life is easy.

The advanced process involves using the raw file. This file type needs software to read it and training on how to use it.  By using this file type, your end results will be amazing.

Infographic for camera setup.

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