Setting the shutter and capturing the photograph on the DSLR camera is the final video in being able to create a photo using the manual settings.  Getting the indicator to the center setting on the light meter will allow you to capture a successful photograph.

One of the dials on your camera will change the shutter speed.  Once you rotate it, the numbers will change. These are fractions, so the higher the number, the faster the shutter speed. For example, 200 means 1/200 of a second.  If the number has ” next to it.  This indicates full seconds so the shutter speed is slower.  15″ indicates 15 seconds so the shutter will stay open for that duration.

Set the shutter to take the photo.

To capture a photograph, set up your camera according to the information in the image.  Then rotate the dial and change your shutter until the indicator on your light meter is in the center.  Press the shutter and you should have a correctly exposed photograph displayed on your LCD screen.

Indicator needs to be centred.

Here are some more practice examples. The blue you should be able to use indoors. The green is for use outdoors. Give them a go, good luck.

Camera settings.

Here is a link to a camera simulator. It worth downloading.  It will help you understand how to photograph in manual mode plus it will provide some valuable practice opportunities.


camera similar.

Photographing in manual is not that hard and it leaves you in control of the image creation process. Start by setting the ISO for the shoot, then set either the F-Stop or shutter speed first then adjust the other to get the light meter centered.

There are only five ways that your camera can take a photograph. Check out one of our future blogs on how to create these images and be in full control of the manual process.