Welcome to our first post and hopefully one of many…   Photojunket.net – It’s all about chasing that elusive memorable travel photograph that we never seem to capture…

During my career, I have traveled to many amazing places, some are that beautiful and you never want to leave. Others, your first words are “what the hell.”  I usually find the best locations are the craziest places and they tend not to draw all that much tourist traffic.  I like to operate a lot of the time on my own chasing that elusive image however these places can be quite scary at times.  My motto: No fear, no gain. This is great until you step on a snowdrift, then you slide 20 metres down a rocky slope, just as I did in New Zealand.  So I do recommend that there is safety in numbers.

UN blackhawk helicopter
UN Cambodia

I am a travel photographer and my love for travel began in the Military.  My travels have allowed me to photograph in some crazy locations such as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat when it was lying in ruin.  Well before it became one of the current must-see locations.

A bit about my qualifications…

After the military,  I went to university just as the digital photography era was happening.  I ended up becoming a computer nerd as photography went from film to pixels.  I am competent in both analog and digital processes.  I recall many a discussion with fellow students as too when digital would provide a better quality photo than film.  Most of us put our money on sensors becoming 15-megapixels. This result was achieved when Nikon & Canon created a 12-megapixel camera. 

In my home town, I taught photo imaging at our TAFE schools (or college equivalent) for several years. For the past 15 years, I have been teaching photography and conducting tours within Australia and in a number of great overseas locations. For those who like to make their own independent travel plan, I have a lot of great ideas and itinerary suggestions to allow you to go home with that great travel photo.  My filing cabinets are full of brochures and travel documents.

memory cards
white backdrop

Apart from traveling, I had to make a crust by operating a photography studio that offered photographic services, not as exciting as street photography or chasing that elusive photo.

Early in my career, I won a number of photo competitions. Once I was teaching, I tended not to enter any.  In the last few years, I have been entering the Australia Professional Photography Awards which has kept me honest about my own ability.  There is nothing better than an honest critique of your images to keep you humble.

For me now, it’s all about travel.

What is our mission?

So, what will you find by visiting photojunket.net?  Our mission is to provide a blogging platform that combines photography with travel.  We will offer access to some camera basic training, photography tips and trick plus some product reviews. 

On the travel side, we will look at a number of world locations, offer schedule suggestions that are designed around photography. If you like to be an independent traveler and like to book your own holiday.  Then we will discuss how, and provide you links to helpful resources.  As we develop the site, we will add more features.  This will help anyone who wants to take a holiday and get that great travel photograph.

Balloon & camera
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A lot of people like to book a tour package but the problem is you only become another number in the crowd.  As an independent traveler, you are in control and you get to choose your itinerary.

Hopefully, I have piqued your interest and feel free to rate my posts.  Honest comments are always welcome. I look forward to reading them. I will away try to reply however sometimes I am in a location that has poor internet connections or no reception at all.

Travel safe and take the time to get a good capture of the photo you are seeking.

Kind regards, Digby.