Knowing how to change the setting on your DSLR camera for manual mode is what we will cover in the video below.  Even if you only want to use your camera in the auto modes, this video will still assist you. You will have the option to choose the setting that will suit your photographic needs.


This is software that operates your camera is known as firmware.  How to check your DSLR camera’s firmware is a little known fact.  To check it, firstly go to your camera’s manufacturers website.  Search for your camera, then check that the firmware is up to date on your DSLR camera.

Check the web to update firmware.


You will have to choose the file type that will best suit your photographic needs.  If you are using any of the auto modes, then the camera will only use the jpeg file format.  Alternatively, anyone using the manual modes in a DLSR camera, the RAW format will be their best choice. Watch the video to see why a RAW format is a good option.

Choose either a Raw or jpeg file.


Creating a sharp image is an important factor in creating any photograph.  The DSLR camera allows the user to choose a number of options for focusing within the camera.  If you use the autofocus option, the camera chooses the object to focus on.  Use the group or single option gives you the control to focus the camera on the object you want to be the sharpest in the photo.

Single or group focus points.


A little known function in the DSLR camera is the autofocus modes. The single-shot option requires the camera to firstly obtain a focus lock within the image before it will allow the user to take the photograph. The continuous mode is used when a sequence of photos is required. The camera will focus however a focus lock is not required for the shutter to operate. This option is best for sports or wildlife photography.

One shot or AI servo.


A DSLR camera has a light meter that calculates the light in a scene. This helps the user to set the camera to get a correctly exposed photograph. The more experienced photographers use the spot metering option.  For those new to photography, the Matrix or Evaluative setting is best.  This option takes all the light in the scene into account to assist in providing a photographic solution for the camera.

spot metering or matrix is best.

Hopefully, you have found this video useful in regards to allowing you to set up your DSLR camera to meet your photographic needs.  If you would like to learn to use your camera in manual mode, check out our next video on how to set the ISO on your camera.