Taking a tour of your camera controls will help you identify how to access the functions on your camera when it comes to changing the setting. The video below will show the features of your camera.


You will need your camera manual. If you do not have a hard copy, then try and find a PDF version on the web.  Each DSLR camera is different, so you may need your manual to help identify the controls mentioned in the video.

It is important that you take the tour so you can use the controls needed to set up your camera in the next video,  how to change your settings for manual mode.

DSLR dials on the camera
Mode dial & shutter release
Shutter operation on DSLR
Len setting on DSLR camera.
DSLR camera back buttons

Whether you want to use your DSLR camera in auto or manual modes, the next video in the series will assist in getting the most from your camera’s settings. We hope you have enjoyed the tours and it has helped you to understand your camera better. Feel free to explore our other blogs at Photojunket.net plus your welcome to leave a comment or rate this blog. All your comments are always welcome.