Antelope Canyon

Digby is a travel photographer whose love for travel began in the Military. He has visited and photographed in some crazy locations such as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat when it was lying in ruin and before it became one of the current hotspot locations to now visit. He holds a university degree in photography and has taught in Australia’s TAFE or college system for several years. For the last 15 years, he has been teaching photography and conducting tours within Australia and in a number of oversea locations. During this time he has operated a photography studio that offered photographic services but now it’s all about the travel.

Photojunket.net offered Digby an opportunity to share his knowledge of photography and travel to those who wanted to read his blog.  The site was built around that elusive travel photo that we are all trying to achieve on each trip. We capture some amazing photos but it’s only human that we think, that there is always a better image around the corner.

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